The Affordable Funeral Company offers a Pre-Payment Funeral Plan allowing those wishing to make provision for their own funeral to do so in advance.


The plan removes the financial and emotional burden left to families following the passing of a loved one by allowing you to arrange the details of the service you require and to pay for it in advance.


If you wish to prepay in advance for our complete cremation service we offer two plans, our standard ‘affordable’ funeral plan or our ‘enhanced’ funeral plan.

The Affordable Pre-Payment Plan covers a complete cremation service with no additional extras at the crematoria of your choosing and includes all of the following:

  • Mercedes Funeral Hearse
  • Oak Veneered Cremation Coffin
  • All Crematoria fees
  • All disbursements and Doctors fees
  • All our professional fees.
    For this we charge a fee of £2250


This is a slightly more than we presently charge for our complete cremation service but the additional cost is to cover all inevitable fee increases over a 5 year period from the date you take out the plan.
At the 5th year anniversary of the plan a further £250 top up fee is payable to extend the coverage for a further 5 years, and once again at the 10th year anniversary of the plan.
These additional top up fees are to cover the inevitable increases in fees and disbursements over the second and subsequent 5 year periods.
We are significantly less expensive than other funeral directors so to retain our affordability we sadly have to make provision for these inevitable increases over these extended periods.
Should you miss an anniversary top up payment it would have to be paid prior to the arrangement of the funeral service but the original plan and fees would remain in place and still be valid.

Your original payment never expires.
Our Enhanced Pre-Payment Plan is the same as the Affordable Plan but in addition includes a funeral limousine for family and a humanist/celebrant/minister to conduct the service also. This plan is priced at £2600 with a £300 additional top up fee at each 5th year anniversary.
Should you desire to pay monthly we can offer a 12 month interest free instalment arrangement on either plan with no additional costs or arrangement fees. This facility is flexible so should you desire you may pay 12 equal payments or an initial larger sum and the remainder over any period up to 12 months with 0% interest.


Example:Affordable Pre Payment Plan at a cost of £2250.


12 equal payments of £187.50 or £1250 Deposit and 12 payments of £100 *

* Any combination of deposit/instalments over a 12 month period is available.
If we sadly have to make arrangements prior to the completion of your instalment agreement the remaining outstanding amount would have to be paid prior to the arrangement of the funeral service.


Should you require any further information or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be very happy to answer your questions and arrange all the necessary paperwork for you.